Applied neuroscience transfer unit (U2T)

lunes 31 de mayo de 2021 - 09:00 GMT+0000

Within the IUNE, several projects are developed to promote the knowledge transfer and technology between research and other institutions.

What is U2T?

The Applied Neuroscience Transfer Unit is a stable structure of the University of La Laguna created by neuroscientists of the University Institute of Neurosciences in January 2020 whose main objective is to establish a bridge between basic neuroscientific research and the improvement of the quality of life and the neuropsychological health of Canarian society. To achieve this objective, the U2T bases its activity on the application of the most relevant neuroscientific or technological advances in the field of neuroscience for the creation of new products, processes or services that provide added value to the current needs of the population.

The transfer unit has the collaboration of multiple professionals specialized in different areas of knowledge (Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Neuropsychology, Neurosurgery, Speech therapy, Physiotherapy …), who work together to facilitate the transfer of basic research to evaluation services and advanced neurorehabilitation of neurological and / or psychiatric disorders. This multidisciplinary team allows a biopsychosocial approach to neuropsychiatric disorders, which increases the chances of obtaining an improvement in the most frequent symptoms in patients.

Services portfolio:

The Applied Neuroscience Transfer Unit aims to generate knowledge transfer processes through the following services:

  • Evaluation: Clinical evaluation of neurological and psychiatric disorders with neuroimaging techniques (MRI, EEG, TMS …)
  • Treatment: Neurorehabilitation with non-invasive brain stimulation equipment (Magnetic and electrical). Psychotherapy. Speech therapy. Neuropsychology.
  • Training: Specialized training for health professionals interested in the use of brain stimulation techniques, neuroimaging and the development of neuroscientific research. Consultancy services for companies. Neuroscientific Dissemination.
  • Research: Experimental paradigm programming services, data collection, statistical processing and analysis, neuromarketing studies with eyetracking.



 If you wish to contact us: , PhD. Iván Padrón González, Director of the Applied Neuroscience Transfer Unit

One of the objectives of the Neuroscience Institute of the University of La Laguna is to create connections between researchers and industry with a view to establishing public-private collaborations in research projects. We are open to opportunities for research services contracts, sponsorship agreements and scientific advice. Contact: