Restoration Project of la Casa Amarilla as an Atlantic Center for Neuroscience studies Wolfgang Kohler

lunes 31 de mayo de 2021 - 09:01 GMT+0000

In 2016, the Cabildo of Tenerife, the city council of Puerto de la Cruz, the consortium for the rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz and the University of La Laguna reached agreement for the creation of the Center for Neuroscience and the historic complex of La Casa Amarilla.  Currently, the plot for this scientific infrastructure can be found in the previous document to the elaboration of the initiative of the second Modernization and Improvement Plan of Puerto de la Cruz, being the case that this record was included in the first Modernization Plan of Puerto de la Cruz.

The University of La Laguna’s compromise (Psychology and Speech therapy faculty and the University Institute of Neuroscience) is the academic management of the historic and scientific complex which would allow the keenly awaited restoration of la Casa Amarilla, declared a cultural heritage. It is a museistic, scientific-training and cultural project with high impact in the economic and social development of Puerto de la Cruz, vindicating the figure of Wolfgang Kohler and of la Casa Amarilla  in the development of cognitive science and Primatology (See academic and architectural  project). The primatologist Jane Goodall visited the center and gave explicitly her support as shown in this video.

The University of La Laguna presented this project within the consolidation plan of the Excellence Tri-continental Atlantic Campus in the 2011 call, which was approved, although its funding declined as a result of the measures sought to contain spending by the Ministry of Finance. We are waiting for specific financing to be awarded again for the project. The reactivation of the issue was confirmed by the city council, the consortium and the ULL in 2019.