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Congreso Internacional SHIFT2017 (Spectral Shaping for Biomedical and Energy Applications)

13 noviembre, 2017 - 17 noviembre, 2017

Spectral shaping of light is an emerging route for enhancing the efficiency of various solar energy harvesting, storage and conversion processes facing the increasing demand for energy supply, from photovoltaics to photocatalysis, natural and artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels generation, where usually large parts of the solar spectrum are not efficiently utilized. Moreover the use of light in life sciences, within the well-known infrared therapeutic windows (deeper penetration and lower tissue damage) and subsequent wavelength transformation to higher or lower energies provides ground-breaking applications in photodynamic cancer therapy and bio-imaging. Interdisciplinary efforts from physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, materials science and engineering will certainly be required to overcome current challenges leading the way for spectral shaping of light to be a future key technology.

«SHIFT 2017» International Conference shows up as a cutting-edge multidisciplinary platform to gather presentations and discussions of recent achievements by leading researchers in wavelength shifting luminescence processes (quantum cutting, down-shifting, up–conversion…), as a very promising and not yet fully explored route.

Proposed Topics will include: Applications in energy and photochemistry: Rare-earth doped and organic (TTA) luminescent materials, quantum dot photon conversions, plasmonics, luminescent solar concentrators, solar concentrators and light trapping devices, dye–sensitized up–conversion, down-shifting, quantum-cutting, among others; Biomedical applications: Near–infrared based bioimaging, fluorescent bioprobes, nanothermometry, NIR–phototerapy, nano–bio interaction and related

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13 noviembre, 2017
17 noviembre, 2017
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